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Pre-Registraton Form for Annual Meeting
See PreConference Newsletter, usually posted in December
Submission of Titles for Oral and Poster Presentations
There is no form  for submission of titles. 
The title is emailed to the Chair of the respective committee in the format, address and deadline (usually October 15) specified in the Fall Newsletter.

Submission of Abstracts of Oral and Poster Presentations
There is no form for submission of abstracts. 
The abstract is emailed to the Chair of the respective committee in the format, address and deadline (usually at the meeting) specified in the "Abstract Preparation Instructions and Submission" handout given  below.   The procedure also is detailed in the Pre-Conference Newsletter.

Submission of Award Nominations
The Nomination Forms and deadlines (usually October 15) appear below.  The procudure also is detailed in the Fall Newsletter.
Association of Collegiate Branch (ACB)

Outstanding Club Award
Nomination Form
Outstanding (ACB-Southern Region) Club Award Form  
Word / PDF

Hammet Memorial Outstanding Club Member Award
Nomination Form
Hammet Memorial Outstanding ACB Club Member Award For
m   Word / PDF

J. Benton Storey Horticulture Judging Contest
Judging Manuals
Judging Manual J. Benton Storey Undergraduate Judging Contest
  Word / PDF

Herbaceous Plant List for ACB Competition   Word / PDF
Woody Plant List for ACB Competition   Word / PDF
Student Paper Competitions

Oral Paper Competitions
J.P. Edmund Undergraduate Paper Award
Norman Childers M.S. Graduate Student Paper Award
Warren S. Barham Ph.D. Graduate Student Paper Award

Information for Students
Instructions to Students Presenting Paper
Word / PDF
Information for Judges
Score Sheet - Edmond Undergraduate Student Paper Competition
Word / PDF
Score Sheet - Childers and Barham Graduate Student Paper Competitions 
Word / PDF
Score Sheet - Sumary of Scores  Word / PDF
Reporting Form for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners  Word / PDF

Poster Competition
National Cowpea Improvment Association Poster Award
Information for Students
Instructions on Poster Preparation and Judging Criteria Word / PDF
Information for Chair
Instructions to Chair of the Poster Session 
Word / PDF

Abstract Preparation Instructions and Submission  Word / PDF
Norman Childers Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Nomimation Form
Childers Outstanding Graduate Student  Nomination Form  fillable
Member Awards

J. Creighton Miller, Jr. Distinguished Educator Award
Julian C. Miller, Sr. Distinguished Research Award
Krezdorn  Excellence in Doctoral Research and Writing Award
Henry M. Covington Extension Award
John E. Hutchison Extension Award for Young Professionals Award
Leadership and Administration Award
Nomimation Form
Awards Nomination Form (use for all except Blue Ribbon Ext. Com. Award)
Word / PDF

Blue Ribbon Extension Communications Award
Entry Form
Blue Ribbon Extension Communication Award Entry Form  Word / PDF
Scoring Rubric  Word

Individual Awards:  Instructions, Deadlines & Addresses for Submission

Go to: Awards link
Dues Submission Form  Word / PDF
Membership Directory Information Submission
Submit Membership Directory Information Form Word / PDF